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hey my name is Skye and i post whatever i see and like. if you like it too then feel free to reblog xD
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  • Hi... i fucking love your face... I'm going to break into your house while you are sleeping and steal you... kay bye...

    Asked by Anonymous

    That. Is really creepy. 

    "Me tiró un pedo en la bañera y me encendí " in Spanish translates to 

    " I threw a fart in the tub and turned on me " 

    And I think that’s beautiful.

    Brush the teeth of the person sitting closest to you. (Photographic proof needed, for obvious reasons)

    Asked by Anonymous

    well…. im home alone with my cats soo…. herehe was NOT having it lol.

    Truth or Dare?

    Asked by Anonymous


    I like to live life dangerously. 

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