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soft grunge is for pussies
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it’s a beautiful day to give me money

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fantasy-is-my-escape asked:
193.5 months is 16.12 years, there is no way youre 16

Hey someone actually did the math! (x Yea I really am sixteen though. Unfortunately. 

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smoke-satan-hail-meth666 asked:
I dig your blog .👌

Me too dude. (x Haha jk thanks :) 

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when-nobody-loves-you asked:
Hi (: How old are you actually?

193.5 Months old (x 

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  • fun first date ideas: overthrow ur government w/ the bae
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    meganxmx asked:
    okay, i just made my account to say this ; you are so amazing and i love you xxx

    Dude that’s awesome (x Thanks! 

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soft grunge is for pussies
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    Anonymous asked:
    What's the meaning behind your URL?

    It just means I really like punk rock (x 

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    He likes my lip ring (x
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